Log Line
A heartbroken single mom is about to plunge into a new relationship when her child's missing father returns with a secret. 

Indira holds onto her heartbreak like a lost treasure. It's hers and no one is going to tell her what to do with it. Her one-and-only love disappeared 18 months ago leaving her alone to take care of their son. Finally back on her feet with a new place and a new man, she’s ready for the next chapter when her child’s father shows up—making her question the very nature of the treasure she’s been holding onto for so long. 

Director's Statement

When we’re hurt, most of us seek to get rid of the pain as quickly as possible. But some of us are addicted to pain and don’t want to let go. It’s comforting, it let’s us know we’re alive, we welcome it like soreness the day after a good workout. FEVAH is the story of a woman who won’t let go of what she lost and it haunts her. But if she doesn’t find a way to confront, process and resolve her pain she may never be whole again. We all suffer from the slings and arrows life throws at us, but we always have a choice, no matter how deep we think that pain is embedded in our soul. We must have the faith we can be free of that pain and take the risk to remove it - even if it will hurt a little more before it goes away.

narrative short (2018), rt: 0:12:30

Bowery Arts+Science Presents
A Bowery Poetry Studios Production
Directed by Randall Dottin
Produced by Nikhil MelnechukKelly Wydryk
Co-Produced by Harriet Bailey, Allison Hanes
With Melissa Jackson, Russell HornsbyLaRoyce Hawkins, Simone Moore, Emperor Kaioyus
Music by John Knipp
Cinematography by Ludovic Littee
Edited by Chris Iversen
Production Design by Noa Rachel Bricklin


WINNER, Best Actress – Melissa Jackson

2019 Mammoth Film Festival

FINALIST, Best Short
2019 Katra Film Series

NOMINATED, Best Actress – Melissa Jackson
2019 Deep In The Heart FF

2019 Deep In The Heart FF
2018 Vail Film Festival
2018 Julien Dubuque FF
2018 Hill Country FF
2018 L.A. Shorts International FF