Log Line
Two roving tough girls wreak small-town havoc and seek redemption.

On the verge of scary life change, two best girlfriends roll through a small town on a bender of booze, sex, and bad decisions. As they outrun their fears, the past dogs them, and the future starts Monday morning.

Director's Statement

Jack and Jill is a wild ride that interrogates the human side of The Pentagon’s 2015 decision to open all combat roles to women soldier. In doing so, Jack and Jill may well raise eyebrows, however at its core it is the story of two unapologetic, strong women. I am devoted telling stories that defy gender stereotypes and show women and transgender characters as complex protagonists. I wrote the story that inspired the script while in Richard Slotkin's War Films course at Wesleyan University in 2006. Ten years later, government policy had changed and his story had a new relevance. As new revelations regarding the humiliating treatment of female soldiers are released, Jack and Jill hopes to remind viewers that behind the headlines and politics are real women making the choice to serve.

narrative short (2017), rt: 15:30

Bowery Arts+Science Presents
A 2.35 and Bowery Poetry Studios Production
Directed by Nikhil Melnechuk
Produced by Nicole Cosgrove, Spencer Gillis, Ludovic Littee
With Melissa Jackson, Ellen HollmanDamian Young, Michelle Hendley, John Buffalo Mailer, Donal Brophy, Joe Hansar, Cole Vallis, and Tommy Buck
Music by Gil Talmi
Cinematography by Ludovic Littee
Edited by Jim Isler
Production Design by Ryan Smith


WINNER, Best Short
2018 Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival

WINNER, Best Short
2017 Malta International Film Festival

2017 Katra Film Series

NOMINATED, Best Short, Best Director, Best Actress
2017 Hill Country Film Festival