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Philostoria (An Open Mic With A Twist) feat Birdspeed

  • Bowery Poetry Club 308 Bowery New York, NY 10012 USA (map)

Bowery Poetry presents: Philostoria! An open mic with a twist!
Hosted by Julius Omega Baltonado
featuring Birdspeed
Sign up at the door! Doors open at 5:45!

Bowery Poetry is the place for poets, and that also means this is a place for your voice, your art, and your STORY. Philostoria highlights the stories which shape the art, the vision, and the heart of every poet that shines their light into the world from our stage here at Bowery Poetry. It is a community of poets that showcases relevant work, yet also uncovers the person behind the poems! 

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HERE'S THE TWIST: Before each performance, the poet joins the host on stage, and is asked a simple question: what's your story? The host has a list of prepared, totally intrusive, random, insightful, philosophical, or food-related spotlight questions for each person, to help the crowd get to know the poet better before each performance! 

In the interest of equal-opportunity intrusiveness, at the end of the evening, the crowd also gets to ask the host some spotlight questions of their own!

It's an open mic, so do you! Just remember - it's 3 minutes per person!

So - WHAT'S YOUR STORY? Join us at Philostoria and tell us all about it! Tell your friends, or better yet - come by and bring them with you!

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Birdspeed is a storyteller in spoken word, dance and cultural theory. Born in London, raised in Barbados, Birdspeed is dedicated to uplifting, empowering and inspiring people through cultural integrity. She is known for her ability to captivate audiences by effortlessly weaving poetry, storytelling and movement. Though she was only introduced to the live storytelling and spoken word scene late 2016 she took a hiatus to develop her own unique style and emerged a year later as a force to be reckoned with. Her wordplay, energy and creative performances have been impressing audiences across England and New York so much so she has been consistently dubbed “The Firebird.”

As a girl, Safiya Kamaria read as much as possible and developed a love for knowledge to escape from racism and colourism. Inspired by the likes of Maya Angelou and Mary Seacole, she dreamed of becoming the superhero and black woman she rarely saw in popular culture. In Barbados at the age of 14 she discovered the power of dance and named herself Birdspeed in reference to her "speedster" dance style, athleticism and creativity. Her talent was discovered at the Swindon dance academy where she trained until deciding to unite dance and academia at University, which led to the achievement of a BA and MA in Cultural Studies and Dance Cultures. 

Birdspeed has self published academic essays on racial oppression in the arts and has won Rotary awards for public speaking and work addressing equality and diversity in education. Her new journal explores sociopolitical events, popular cultural artifacts and includes a book club. 

Birdspeed has worked in a multitude of environments from schools, teaching and assisting children with learning disabilities through movement, to choreographing and dancing for professional artists. 

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